CWC & Special Focus Children Profiles

The average child assignment made through the HIC China Child Waiting Program is as follows:



Children are available from 8 months old.


Boys and girls are available.

General Health

Children classified as Waiting Children may have minor conditions such as low birth weight or other problems. Others may have conditions that require surgery such as cleft lip and palate, missing digits or hands, club feet, orthopedic problems, congenital heart disease, vision or hearing problems, and other conditions. Still others may have permanent health considerations. Most orphanages and foster care programs have access to medical care, usually at the orphanage. Children usually receive regular check-ups and vaccinations as needed. Acute care is provided at area hospitals.

For definitions and brief information about conditions that affect some of the waiting children , review a Medical Conditions Glossary.


Nearly all children in China available for international adoption are abandoned, usually in or near the city or village of their birth. Typically, children are relinquished by their birth parents close to time of birth. These children are carefully left in public places where they are sure to be found, such as outside a police station or hospital. When found, the child is brought to an orphanage or police station where the child is taken into custody and cared for. If the police cannot locate the parents, the child will likely become eligible for international adoption. Because child abandonment is illegal, birth parents are careful not to leave any identifying information with the child.

Social Welfare Institutes

Social Welfare Institutes maintain guardianship of children until they are adopted. Some orphanages have foster care systems, while others provide only institutional care.

Adopting more than One Child at a Time

In rare instances twins or siblings are available for assignment. However, the China Center of Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) does not support placing unrelated children at the same time. Therefore, adopting more than 1 child from China usually means going through the China adoption process twice. An exception to this rule can be made if one of the children is adopted through the CWC Special Focus Program.

Information Available About the Child

The CCCWA provides all families with a basic medical report and photograph(s) of the children, and sometimes a growth and development report. Some children are found with a note identifying their name and birth date, which may or may not be indicated in the information provided by the orphanage. While abroad, sometimes families are able to meet orphanage workers or foster family members who cared for and know the child.