CWC & Special Focus Adoption Process

Adopting a child with particular challenges takes a very special family that is looking for the unique opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Adopting a child through the CWC Program takes a family with extra energy, patience, commitment, and love to give. Our CWC Program families have deeply connected with their children and feel grateful for the opportunity to add to their families in this way.

Pre-Approval Application

The adopting family and the CWC Program Director work together to find the right match. HIC receives information from the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoptin (CCCWA) through the online system. Once you find a specific child that touches your heart, you will work with the Program Director to begin the paperwork process and to meet all of China’s requirements. HIC takes great care in matching the right family with the right child, to ensure a successful placement and to build a loving family.


The application provides us with information about you and your adoptive needs. You are asked to list references, your reasons for wishing to adopt, and the type of child you think would best suit your family. With your approved application, we begin to walk you through the adoption process.

Home Study

Your home study must be completed by a Hague Agency within your state of residence. HIC will complete the home study for residents of Hawaii. Clients living anywhere other than Hawaii will be advised by HIC of appropriate home study services in their geographic area. HIC will work closely with your home study agency to ensure efficient and appropriate completion of your home study.

Once the home study has been completed, one original copy must be submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and one to HIC. Your home study should be submitted to HIC as soon as possible for you to receive HIC approval and for translation purposes. Your final home study report should be kept to 4-5 pages, if possible.

USCIS Filing

In order to complete an adoption you will need to get approval to immigrate a foreign born child by submitting a Form I-800A (Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a child from a Convention Country). This form will need to be mailed to USCIS along with your completed home study. Approval from USCIS typically takes 1-3 months. HIC will assist you with this process and provide you with forms and instructions.

China Dossier Completion & Submission

While waiting for the USCIS approval you should be preparing the documents required by the CCCWA. A list of the documents needed for your China dossier and all forms and samples will be included in your China Dossier Packet.

The Process


HIC provides families with a Home Study Packet, a USCIS Hague Packet, a Dossier Packet, and a CWC Program Packet at appropriate intervals after their formal application has been submitted. These packets are designed to get families through each step of the adoption process.

In addition, HIC maintains an e-mail newsletter and sends out monthly e-mailings. HIC staff members who specialize in various aspects of the adoption process are available by phone or e-mail for consultation and advice to help you complete your application and dossier properly, discuss travel plans, advise you about your child assignment, and explain post-adoption requirements and procedures.

Adoption Parent Training Classes

HIC offers a variety of pre-adoption training and support groups including our Mentor Program, which connects you to a family who has already completed its HIC adoption. HIC follows The Hague mandated 10-hour training requirement, but the CCCWA requires families adopting through China to complete 12 hours of training. HIC encourages all families to complete HIC’s adoption preparation course or the online version through Adoption Learning Partners.

Travel Arrangements

Our goal is to get your child into your arms as soon as possible, while ensuring that everything is in place to make for as smooth an adoption as possible. Once your documents are received from China, HIC immediately begins to prepare you for your trip. This process normally takes 2-3 months from the time the paperwork is received. HIC assists families with their travel plans, with the help of a travel agent.

Your Trip To China

The HIC Adoption Team, made up of the China Program Director, the China Facilitator, and a travel agent, arrange and finalize all of your travel plans, appointments, and paperwork requirements. Your facilitator will meet you in the province where your child lives, and walk you through the China adoption process in that province. The team is available to you on a 24-hour basis throughout the entire process and will ensure that all details and concerns are expediently handled.

Travel Arrangements

When you receive your Notice of Travelling to China for Adoption, HIC will send you a China Travel Packet with all of the information, forms, packing lists and other materials you’ll need for your adoption travel. You will also have an in-person or teleconference travel meeting with the Program Director for final questions, reminders and instructions prior to your departure.

China’s adoption law requires that at least one parent travel to China to complete their child’s adoption. While you are in China our China Facilitator will assist you with all phases of your trip, from logistical arrangements to adoption processing. An HIC China facilitator will meet and support you through the entire adoption voyage. Our coordinator is very experienced and is available to our families, 24-hours a day for the duration of the trip abroad. Your stay in China will be approximately 13 days.

Welcome Home

Upon your arrival home with your newly adopted child, an HIC Welcome Home Packet will be waiting for you. Our Welcome Home Packet is designed to help you finalize issues such as insuring your child’s U.S. citizenship, applying for your child’s Social Security Card, and passport, and re-adopting your child in your state of residence, if necessary.

Post-Adoption Support

Upon your return home, all families are required to have their home study agency or, a licensed social worker, complete six (6) post-adoption reports at intervals of 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years after the adoption or until the child reaches the age of 18 (whichever comes first). Unless they are prepared by HIC, copies of all post-adoptionreports must be sent to HIC.

Families who adopt through the China Waiting Child or CWC Special Focus Program must complete a table, “Feedback on the Special Needs Child” and elaborate on the implementation of the Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan during the first year after adoption. Each report must include a total of eight (8) photos.

Other post-adoption resources available to families include HIC’s eNews, our monthly HIC e-mail newsletter, access to a variety of local and national adoption resources, and access to the HIC staff members who specialize in various aspects of the adoption process. The latter may be done in person or by phone or email. HIC also offers family’s opportunities to network, socialize, participate in fun activities such as Chinese classes and play groups.

Why the CWC Program?

  • The wait time for a Waiting Child from China is significantly shorter.
  • There are boys available for adoption.
  • You may choose the child you wish to adopt.
  • Children are closely matched to parents/families.
  • Clients are able to view child information before accepting a child assignment.