China Waiting Child (CWC) Program

photos-kids.chinaThe China Waiting Child (CWC) Program was established to help place older children and children faced with particular challenges or conditions into special families. Such children may have conditions like cleft lip and palate, missing digits or hands, club feet, orthopedic problems, congenital heart disease, vision or hearing problems, and other conditions. HIC is one of the agencies selected by the China Center of Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) to find suitable families for Chinese children with such challenges.

As an alternative to the China Adoption Program, the adoption process is the same for both programs up through the submission of the dossier to the CCCWA. Once your dossier is logged in with the CCCWA and a log-in date and log-in number are assigned to you, you are eligible to be considered for children whose files are included in the online CWC list. In some exceptional cases (notably in contexts where children are designated as “Special Focus”), a family can apply for a child on the CWC list first and submit a dossier afterwards. In general, families in this situation should have a completed home study, but exceptions to this general rule can be made.

The children on the CWC list have particular needs or face unique challenges, so this program is well worth considering provided that your family is willing and able to accommodate a child who has such needs or who must confront some particular challenges. In order to be considered for this program, clients must genuinely be able to accommodate a child who faces challenges at least as minor as cleft lip and/or palate, minor limb deformities, some less severe forms of congenital heart disease, and /or Hepatitis B. Families complete a Parent Information and Child Preference (PICP) form to indicate which conditions they can accommodate. If you can accommodate a child whose challenges are more severe, please consider scheduling an appointment with the Asia Program Director to view the CWC list.

The children whose files are included on the CWC list are released to all agencies that participate in the CWC Program. New child files are typically released once a month. Once a child whose needs and challenges are consistent with those indicated on your PICP form has been identified, you will be asked to view the child’s files immediately. If you are reasonably certain that pending a pediatrician’s review, you want to move forward with the adoption, the child’s file will be locked for 72 hours. Since child files are accessible to multiple agencies, another agency can apply a family for the child at any time before the “Apply” button is clicked. It is for this reason that time is of the essence in these situations.

Once your pediatrician has reviewed the child information, you must immediately submit the materials required for your electronic application, including a Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan. These documents will be translated and electronically submitted to the CCCWA.

In general, clients who complete an online application for a child on the CWC list must switch to the China Waiting Child Program. It is therefore generally not possible for clients to retain their log-in date and continue their adoptions through the standard China Program. There is an exception to this general rule, however, which applies when a family decides to adopt a Special Focus child from the CWC list. In such cases, families will have the option of submitting a second dossier and will be able to retain their log-in date and/or complete a second adoption from the CWC list. The proviso in either event is that there be at least one year between child placements.