Special Focus Program

The CWC Special Focus Program is a program designed to assist children whose files have been on the online CWC list for over two months. HIC can request that the files for some of these “Special Focus” children on the CWC list be exclusively listed with HIC for a three month period. Both families with a log-in date and those who have a completed home study are eligible to adopt children through this program. In cases where the family in question does not have a dossier logged in with the CCCWA, once the child’s file has been logged in, HIC will have six months to submit the family’s adoption dossier and application to the CCCWA. Families in this situation will have to move very quickly through the adoption process in order to meet this deadline.

As long as at least one of the children is designated as a “Special Focus” child, families who are eligible to adopt from China are permitted to adopt two children within one year either simultaneously or successively. They may in various situations apply to adopt a child through the regular China Program as well as a Special Focus child, or they may adopt one non-Special Focus child and one Special Focus child, or two Special Focus children, either simultaneously or successively.

History of Adopting Waiting Children from China

Over the last several years, HIC has been successful in finding homes for older children or children with a variety of challenges and conditions. We owe our success to the many loving and nurturing families that have opened their hearts and their doors to these children. If you think that you are one of these loving and nurturing families, the CWC Program could be your ideal adoption venue.