Every child deserves a family. These children have found theirs. Is your child looking for you?

Blake – Matched

Blake is a very handsome boy who recently turned 12 years old. He has been in care since he was 6 years old. Blake has mild hearing loss in his left ear, and significant hearing loss in his right ear. Blake is able to hear in his left ear, and attends a school for the deaf where he is a good student. He is able to speak. Blake has been matched!

Perry – Matched

Perry is a very handsome boy who is 5 years old. He came into care as an infant. Perry’s overall development has been on target. He needs some help to improve his fine motor skills. (He doesn’t always fold paper correctly, or cut evenly on a line) Perry’s test; ECG, UCG, and brain CT, have all been normal. His receptive speech is excellent, but his expressive speech needs a little work. Perry has been matched with a family!

Lewis – Matched

Lewis is a handsome little guy who is 2 years old! He came into care as an infant, and was found to have an extra digit on his right hand, and aural atresia (missing ear with closed external ear canal) of the right ear. There is a strong possibility that little Lewis has autism. Lewis has been matched!

Hawke – Matched

Hawke is 9 years old and has Beta Thalassemia and receives a blood transfusion every 50 days. He is on no other medications at this time. Hawke loves school, and is a good friend to many in his class. He takes literature, math, art, and computer classes. His teacher reports he is a fast learner! We are happy to report that Hawke has been matched with his family!

Reese – Matched

Reese has been matched with a loving family! Reese is a handsome boy who is 7 years old! He came into care as an infant and was found to have a heart defect; single atrium, single ventricle, malposition of great arteries, and pulmonary valve stenosis.

Rory – Matched

Wonderful news! We found a forever family for Rory, an adorable little girl, will turn two very soon. Rory is a good tempered little one who loves to smile when happy and leans her head to one side. A sure-fire way to get a smile and laugh out of Rory is to give a good cuddle.

Owen – Matched

Owen is a five year old little boy. He has a smile that can light up a room! Although Owen has been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), he has no other medical issues. His mental development and language development are described as great. Owen was matched with his forever family in July 2014.