Category: Children 5 and Under

Kaden – Matched

Kaden is a adorable little boy who is 5 years old. Kaden has been in care since he was about 7 months old. He was found to have hearing loss, and received a cochlear implant in December 2013. Kaden is in good health, and has been a student at a school for the deaf to receive language training. He is a bright little boy, who is able to complete a new task on his own shortly after seeing it done for the first time. Kaden is a kind and sensible boy, who is as active as his friends. Kaden has been matched with his family!

Laney – Matched

Laney is a beautiful little girl who will turn 4 years old in May. She came into care when she was a few months old, and was found to have anal atresia, and vision impairment. Laney had surgery late in 2011 for the atresia. Laney found her family!

Finn – Matched

Finn is an adorable little guy who is 3 years old. He came to the orphanage when he was a few weeks old. They found some mild weakness of his right side, which has improved. They gave him a diagnosis of CP as a baby, but that was corrected to say mild CP…in fact, his latest medical does not even give that diagnosis. It simply says to work on his nutrition and get more exercise. Finn is a charmer, who loves his nannies and the other kids. Finn has been matched with his forever family!

Bree – Matched

Bree is 3 years old, and new to our list at Hawaii International Child! She has Down syndrome, with no known heart issues. Her motor skills and language are a bit behind her peers, which is to be expected. She is quiet, smart, and loves to play with her friends. Bree is a sweetheart! Bree has found her family!

Brayden – Matched

Brayden is 2 years old, and has a CHD (ASD) which has not been addressed. His cleft lip has not been repaired (he does not have a cleft palate). He has ptosis of his left eyelid (a simple procedure would fix that). Breyden has been matched with his forever family!

Sawyer – Matched

Sawyer is a handsome 5 year old boy. He has been living at the orphanage since he was 6 months old. Sawyer has a vision impairment, with some light perception (according to the orphanage staff). He is a very smart and verbal little guy, who knows how to sweet talk his nanny into giving him treats! Sawyer is in good health, and his gross motor skills are very good. Sawyer has a new forever family!

Perry – Matched

Perry is a very handsome boy who is 5 years old. He came into care as an infant. Perry’s overall development has been on target. He needs some help to improve his fine motor skills. (He doesn’t always fold paper correctly, or cut evenly on a line) Perry’s test; ECG, UCG, and brain CT, have all been normal. His receptive speech is excellent, but his expressive speech needs a little work. Perry has been matched with a family!

Lewis – Matched

Lewis is a handsome little guy who is 2 years old! He came into care as an infant, and was found to have an extra digit on his right hand, and aural atresia (missing ear with closed external ear canal) of the right ear. There is a strong possibility that little Lewis has autism. Lewis has been matched!

Rory – Matched

Wonderful news! We found a forever family for Rory, an adorable little girl, will turn two very soon. Rory is a good tempered little one who loves to smile when happy and leans her head to one side. A sure-fire way to get a smile and laugh out of Rory is to give a good cuddle.