About HIC

HIC’s Waiting Child program is only one of a comprehensive offering of programs and services. Please visit adoptionhawaii.org to learn more.

Mission Statement

Hawaii International Child’s mission is to support vulnerable children globally and to advocate for and assist with building loving and permanent families through adoption, surrogacy and other medical alternatives.

The HIC Philosophy

HIC holds the well being of the child above all else.

We recognize the critical importance of early childhood love and nurture, and acknowledge that every child deserves a loving, permanent family. We believe that children suffer in the limbo of uncertainty and blossom with the security of stability and consistency. We wish to create a community, into which these dear children may grow and prosper.

We recognize the needs of adoptive parents for truth and professionalism, education and support prior to adoption. We recognize the need for ongoing support and education following placement of children into homes. We understand the importance of ongoing support for adopted children.

We recognize the reality of the family triad in adoption and the need to acknowledge the birth parents to the extent possible.

We choose to remain a small agency with a large amount of love for what we do. We believe in a quality adoption experience. HIC respects the individuality of each person, and the importance of diversity to a healthy world.