Leo – Matched

LeoLeo is a handsome boy who is 12 years old. He was found abandoned at a train station when he was 5 years old; unable to give his parents’ names, and with no idea where he came from. They spent a longer than normal time trying to locate his family, with no luck. Leo came to the orphanage a scared, shy, and very quiet little boy. He soon adapted to his new life, and became outgoing and happy. Leo is a healthy boy, with no known health issues at all. He attends school, where his teachers report he is a good student who takes an active role in all kinds of activities. They say he is clever, cute, extroverted and prized by his teachers and classmates. Leo would love to be part of a family. He will be such a great son!

Leo’s best friend was adopted last year and this is a letter he wrote about Leo hoping it will help find a family for him.

“We knew each other (since) we were 4 years old, I was not with him for a few years cause I was adopted by a Chinese family and somebody got sick in the family so they returned me back to (the agency). (Leo) and I was in the same class in school, we are the best friends, we help each other and we were very happy. He is very honest, not like some other kids. We know each other very well and he likes most stuff I like. We play basketball and soccer together. He is good at drawing. He did not learn to draw from drawing books, but from the movies he watched or cartoon or his imagination. If there is something he does not want to do, he would always try. He is a helper. He has a friend in school, I forgot his name, we played basketball and somebody got hurt. Leo sent him to the local clinic. He is a warm-hearted boy who loves to help. I like Leo. We went back to (another town) during our summer vacation. The room was dusty and we need to clean it. Leo, me and (another boy) shared one room. (The other boy) has hand problem, Leo and I let him rest. I was so tired after the long bus ride, Leo was cleaning the whole room while I was in the bathroom. I feel very happy when I am with him. He is such a good boy. If you bring him home, you will know how great he is.”

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