Eli – Matched

EliEli has been living in an orphanage since the age of 3 1/2. He is now 12 years old. Although he is on the Special Focus list, Eli is considered to be a “healthy” child with no history of medical needs. He has shown growth and development in all areas.

Eli is in his first year of middle school where he loves to learn, especially Chinese literature and English. He seems to have no difficulty in school and like every child; he really enjoys playing with his friends. According to his caretakers, he is very outgoing and social and is friendly to all people as well as being very close to his uncles, aunties (caretakers) and classmates.

Eli appears to be a well-rounded adolescent with reading, games, and sports being at the top of his list of favorite activities. He is especially fond of music, Chinese chess, soccer and badminton. In fact, his dream is to become a soccer or badminton player.

As with all growing boys, Eli loves to eat and is not picky or choosy about food. He has no known allergies or health concern.

Eli was matched with his forever family in 2014.

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