Daniel – Matched

DanielDaniel is a kind, polite and helpful little boy who was born in January 2005.  Now eight years old, Daniel attends a local primary school where he works very hard at his studies. He finds spelling a bit challenging and needs some extra attention in math. He has a great rapport with his teachers and classmates, and gets along with everyone at school and at the orphanage. Daniel is a busy guy, involved in many group activities with his friends.  In his free time, he loves to listen to music, and like most little boys, loves to watch cartoons.

Although Daniel was born with a cleft lip and palate, it has been surgically corrected and his communication skills have been described as excellent.  It is possible that he may need a small amount of speech therapy as he learns a new language to ensure he is as articulate as possible.

Daniel is described as possessing a great imagination, with powerful ideas. He also seems to be adventurous, is very open to new things and will try just about anything new. Daniel loves to help others and is willing to give of himself.

Daniel was matched with his forever family in 2013.

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