Christopher – Matched

child.christopher2achild.christopher1aChristopher is a normal, healthy boy born in August 2002.  Christopher has been in foster care since 2006 and attends a nearby local school. His cognitive development is normal and his teacher reports that he is doing fairly well academically. Christopher is described as being extremely shy and timid especially around strangers and in new situations. Although he gets along well with the other children in his class, his lack of confidence and shyness impacts his progress somewhat in school as he is hesitant to ask questions and prefers studying on his own initiative. However, once Christopher becomes more familiar with people and his surroundings, he opens up and makes new friends.

Christopher is an active participant in his foster home and his foster family describes him as being very helpful, making his bed, washing and folding clothes, and sweeping the floor. In his spare time, Christopher really enjoys playing football, watching TV and playing with friends. He also has a flair for drawing and art.

Christopher was matched with his forever family in 2014.

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